'“It’s Calder,” she murmured beneath her breath. That was the way people here talked about art. Nothing was by anyone. The sculpture is Calder. The painting is Rothko. The house is Neutra.'--Excerpted from "Ninth House." (Bardugo)

Even more fun, (from a nerdy-analysis perspective) some setup in the previous paragraph was like this:

'The giant cube of the rare-books collection [in Yale's Beinecke Library] seemed to float above its lower story. During the day its panels glowed amber, a burnished golden hive, less a library than a temple. At night it just looked like a tomb.'

There's more fun (in a fairly painful way?) stuff about the worship and desire to immortalize the works of men later on, but I'll stop with this for now! And I'll note that, amusingly-to-me, I heard a pastor who once studied at Yale (Because Jonathan Edwards! Name-dropping Jonathan Edwards is not an effort to immortalize him--the Lord has surely done good and well with that task Himself.) has also described its library as very much constructed as a temple... and for what?

So, yeah, I'd wanted to share that from the day you posted this--supports your conclusion! :)

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