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Feb 2, 2022Liked by William Collen

When I first watched this film, I had no preconceptions. I did not 'know' that the 'book' was the Bible... and I did not know Eli was blind. Perhaps that eventual 'understanding' has influenced my opinion of this film. It is one of my absolute favorites. Your review is excellent. There are also so many other key threads. Eli is blind without his faith. We see a metaphor for evangelism that is better than our tract-giving condemnation. Anyway, thanks, sir for this review.

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You're quite welcome, as always!

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The first time I watched this movie... my daughter, Claire, and I started it on a Sunday afternoon... and we were GLUED to the tv screen.... So much so that I was (basically) late for evening services. We just HAD to see the end.

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