RUINS: the magazine

Hear ye, hear ye, one and all . . . if you like zine-style lit mags with a distinguished retro vibe, this one’s for you. RUINS has manifested itself in physical form! Printed and stapled entirely 100% at home and channeling the aesthetic of the circa-1902 National Geographic magazine, the inaugural issue of RUINS features selected essays from this blog’s past eighteen months of publication as well as a few poems and a “talk of the town”-style news and notes column. Are you excited for an arts and culture zine with a Christian flair? A handmade, localist, non-corporate, offline instance of what arts criticism could be in the twenty-first century? The next evolution of Substack’s ethos of creator-driven literary culture? Than step right up, folks, and get your copy of RUINS issue 1!

Here’s how to get one of these fine little magazines:

  1. Click the button below to go to my page on Buy Me A Coffee (be aware that the link will navigate you away from this page).

  2. Give me $5.00 (one coffee; of course, if you want to get more than one issue you can give me more than one coffee—I won’t object!).

  3. Add a note including the mailing address of your choice, and I’ll send you an issue.

Support RUINS

And that is how to get your magazine. Currently our world headquarters only has available the “grey” variant shown above (the second from the left). Much thanks, indeed, for your support! Issue 2 is planned for this spring / summer so watch this space closely for more updates! And as always, if you have any questions or comments, I’m only an email away.


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