Anyone who has spent any amount of time on Twitter has seen the products of the AI image engines. It is uncanny how precise they can be; they are…
Those who consider James Joyce either intimidating or irksome due to his final two monstrous novels and their modernism, pretentiousness, or all-around…

December 2022

Well! It’s been nigh upon two months since I last wrote in this blog. I’ll get around to what I’ve been doing, but first I want to sort out a few…

October 2022

A defect in the shepherding: Part two
A defect in the shepherding: Part one
Emily Davis is an artist and designer, specializing in acrylic landscapes. She has sold her paintings and prints to collectors all over the world; you…

September 2022

Asher Senator reads his Bible, Mr. Collins isn't all that bad, Tammy Nguyen's beautiful books, and more
Holsøe and Gérôme
Unique among the arts, music has the ability to present as a cabinet of curiosities. By this I mean that it is possible to create a musical work without…
The danger of objectification, and the obligation to treat people with respect

August 2022

By now, graphic novels have been firmly entrenched in the pantheon of what counts as writing worth reading. Long gone are the days when Will Eisner’s A…